Community Solutions Summit: A “Why” Behind a Chamber of Commerce

August 29, 2023|Feature|

One of the most common questions I get from folks when I tell them I work at the Chamber of Commerce, is “what is a Chamber of Commerce?” Putting aside my pride as the Director of Marketing and Communications (we clearly need to step up our communications efforts), I often tell them about all the work we do to connect together local business leaders, forge pathways to innovation and belonging, and the work we do to support our local workforce and prosperity for all. Honestly, it’s a lot of word salad.

Harnessing the Power of AI: Business on Tap Summer Edition

August 17, 2023|Feature|

In the ever changing world of entrepreneurship and innovation, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses seeking to thrive. On the evening of August 29, the vibrant business community of Eugene is invited to gather at Ninkasi's Better Living Room for the summer edition of "Business on Tap," an event designed to equip local entrepreneurs, founders, and other business owners with a thought provoking discussion of disruptive technologies while fostering valuable networking opportunities.

Building our Community’s Future: Sitting Down with Kianna, Kathryn, and Brandon

July 18, 2023|Feature|

Eight years ago, the Eugene Chamber asked the question: how could the Eugene and Springfield community more actively engage professionals who are early on in their careers? For example - how could we engage those who may have just graduated college or only a handful of years into a profession. Those who might be starting families or well into balancing work and family life. Those who are still in the lightyears of career building and setting down roots?

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