Middle Housing in Eugene: Why We Need It and What We Can Do About It

April 13, 2022|Feature|

After years of chronic under-building combined with a growing population and increased construction costs, Eugene finds itself in a housing crisis. However, there is a solution–middle housing developments. In 2019, the City of Eugene adopted House Bill 2001, paving the way for more accessible and affordable middle housing developments in an effort to combat housing disparities in our community.

2022 Oregon State Legislature Short Session Underway

February 16, 2022|Feature|

The Oregon State Legislature kicked off its 2022 Legislative Short Session on February 1st, 2022. These sessions can move quickly and with so much information to follow, your Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce hopes that updates like these will help you keep track of the most important updates that impact your business.

Businesses Stick with Downtown

February 2, 2022|Feature|

After 13 years in academia, where she earned a doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Oregon, Andrea Gilroy’s career path took a turn. Playing off her doctoral dissertation in comics history and identity, she decided to start a bookstore in downtown Eugene specializing ...

Eugene’s Bioscience Industry Poised for Growth

December 22, 2021|Feature|

One of the bright spots of the U.S economy during the pandemic has been the BioSciences Industry. While many industries shrank during 2020 compared to 2019, the BioSciences industry grew by 1.4%. Oregon’s bio and life science ecosystem are defined by firms and organizations in ...

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