The Culture of Small: Support, Innovate, Collaborate

May 29, 2024|Feature|

Small businesses may be one of the most important economic drivers within local or national economies. Aside from creating unique products, care for community, and the enrichment they bring to the character of a city, small businesses also employ nearly half of America’s workforce and make up ⅓ of US merchandise exports, according to the US Chamber. 

The Importance of Investing In Your Employees: And How We Can Help!

March 20, 2024|Feature|

Workplace culture matters. Though a positive workplace culture isn’t created overnight, we know that the intentional time and resources to foster one is worth it, because when you do – when your team is connected, engaged, and empowered – the outcomes are impactful. At the heart of every local business are its people—the dedicated individuals who pour their passion and energy into serving their community and supporting a bottom line. When we invest in our people, we invest in the wellbeing of our businesses.

Something Worth Celebrating: 2023 EACC Annual Report

March 20, 2024|Feature|

The Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the economic development arm of the organization, Onward Eugene, are here to advocate for your business’s success. Through our programs, knowledgeable staff, strong strategic efforts and advocacy, and economic development partnerships, our mission is to support a thriving business community of engaged individuals living happy, healthy lives.

Championing Child Care as Economic Development

March 6, 2024|Feature|

Child Care Sector Strategist Holly Mar-Conte is reshaping the child care narrative. Her tireless efforts to improve access, affordability, and quality of care have not gone unnoticed. On March 1st, she was honored as the Minalee Saks Champion of Children at Parenting Now's auction and gala—a Night of Hope. Parenting Now, a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting and educating parents, bestowed this prestigious award upon Mar-Conte in recognition of her unwavering commitment to the welfare of children and families throughout her career.

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