The Eugene Airport (EUG) is committed to creating a welcoming and safe community for everyone and being a place where every person can experience a sense of belonging. EUG aims to provide excellent customer service and to provide aviation safety and security while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.

EUG has a vision to be a premier aviation hub that embraces new technologies, celebrates ingenuity, and champions environmental sustainability.

The Eugene Airport continues to provide exceptional and positive experiences for internal and external stakeholders by supporting all types of aviation and inspiring our community to fly local.

Not only does EUG provide exceptional service, they have created many meaningful partnerships with our community partners throughout the years.

Recently EUG partnered with Travel Lane County, the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, and multiple other community members to help bring in new airlines, including the most recent additions of Southwest and Avelo Airlines.

EUG also partners with the Good Traveler – Carbon Offset Program and the Sunflower program to help bring both climate and diversity awareness to the community.

The Good Traveler – Carbon Offset Program is aimed to help keep greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere. To date, 118,000 metric tons of carbon have been offset.

The Sunflower Program helps those with hidden disabilities such as autism, anxiety, and hearing impairment, navigate their way through the airport with greater ease. Airport staff, volunteers and airline staff who have gone through training, wear a visible sunflower lanyard and pin that is used as an identifier to those who need additional assistance.

While being focused on creating meaningful partnerships that will make lasting impressions on not only Eugene but our environment, this summer has been busy for airport projects. The airport just finished a nearly year-long project to build a Quick-Turn Around (QTA) facility for our rental car stakeholders. The new facility has automated car washes with water reclamation equipment and fueling stations. The QTA is equipped with a Photovoltaic System (PV) with solar panels that will help power the facility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project will serve as a guide for including solar power as a part of the planned future terminal expansion.

The Eugene Airport (EUG) is close to finishing a six-month rehabilitation project on taxiways Charlie and Mike as well as the creation of five new Remain Over Night (RON) heavy pads. Approximately 30 percent of the asphalt used for the taxiway shoulders was comprised of recycled asphalt. These projects also include installing new fiber for the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower.

When planning your next vacation or business trip, we hope that you choose to Fly Eugene with peace of mind knowing that EUG has done and is doing whatever they can to provide our community with the best and safest experience possible.

Learn more about Eugene Airport here.

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