2023 BEAM BRiGHT Parade Takes to the Streets of Downtown Eugene

This October 14th, Eugene will light up the night with fun and community building as the 2023 BEAM BRiGHT Parade takes to the streets of downtown Eugene. With the SLUG Queens leading the way and the Eugene Symphony keeping us all marching along, the fun will know no bounds.

The Parade is produced by ArtCity in partnership with the Cultural Services, City of Eugene and Downtown Program Funds. The theme is ART iN MOTION and the event is fossil-free, so participants can march, dance, roller-skate, bike, or ride electric vehicles as they showcase their creativity with lights and messaging.

Participating in the parade offers numerous benefits, including increased brand awareness, team-building opportunities, and fostering civic pride. Parades have a unique ability to attract a diverse range of people, offering unparalleled exposure to a broad audience. You can effectively reach potential customers and create a lasting impression by creatively showcasing your brand. You can also work with local non-profit organizations on a to strengthen those relationships. Information and applications are available at Deadline for applications is September 22. Embrace the theme, bring your brightest ideas to life, and let your marketing magic shine at the BEAM BRiGHT Parade!

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