Hunter Communications Committed to Keeping Kids Safe Online


In our digital age, the safety of our families is more important than it’s ever been. As parents, we find ourselves at a crossroads, striving to grant our kids online independence while safeguarding their well-being. It’s a concern we all share, and although we at Hunter Communications have always been committed to kids’ safety online, we knew that there was still more we could do.

As a father, I’ve witnessed firsthand the pressing need for digital safety measures. My daughter, a dedicated middle school drama teacher, shared her own experiences of bullying at the school where she now teaches. I learned how problematic this issue has become when I visited her school and saw for myself how cyberbullying caused a student’s turmoil. Her daily accounts of such incidents fortified my unwavering commitment as a father and a community leader to protect kids online. I knew there was more that Hunter Communications could do to ensure every child’s online safety.

I learned quickly that my convictions were shared by those I work with, like Eugene General Manager and Sales Director Stephen Parac, a father whose child has recently entered middle school. His son’s early release from school brought new challenges for their family. Concerns about his safety when taking the bus home from school were real. The introduction of Bark, a Parental Control app, allowed Stephen to set location alerts, offering a sense of security and peace of mind.

Online safety for families is a universal concern that resonates with parents worldwide. Recent statistics indicate a disturbing rise in cyberbullying, affecting one in three children.

By making Bark and our Hunter Shield Suite of Internet Security products available to our employees and customers, we are equipping parents and families with the tools they need to protect their children while fostering trust and open communication. Here’s a glimpse of what it offers:

  • Content Filtering and Access Protection: Hunter Control can limit when, how much, and what sites or content your kids can access on the internet.
  • Location Alerts: Bark allows you to set location alerts, providing real-time updates on your kid’s whereabouts.
  • Content Monitoring: This feature helps you detect concerning content or interactions, promoting open discussions and education around online behavior.
  • Cross-Platform Protection: Bark operates at the software level, ensuring consistent protection across various devices, regardless of whether your kids are using their own device or a friend’s.

Our commitment to online safety goes above and beyond the standards of most internet service providers. It aligns with our core values of doing the right thing and putting people first, affirming digital safety as one of our top priorities. We believe that the internet can be a safer place for children, parents, and the whole family.

Published On: November 6, 2023
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