Q&Q With Amazon Creek Dental


How long have you been in business and what drives you to serve our community?

We have been in business in Eugene since December 13, 2022. Dr. Costa has a remarkable drive and compassion to provide people with the best dental care possible. Oral Health has a huge impact on the overall health of a community. Providing high-quality dental care we are honored to not only improve overall health but help raise the quality of life of the community.

Are there new programs or initiatives you are investing in or providing for our community? 

We are constantly adding new technologies and services to general dentistry to help reduce the wait time for specialty Providers that can be over 6 weeks long.

What is it about Eugene/Springfield that you enjoy the most or what do you enjoy most about what you do?

We find joy in being part of the Eugene area, enriched by vibrant community spirit and the picturesque charm of our parks and rivers. The array of local events and inclusive environment make it a lively and rewarding place to live and work, inspiring us daily.

Has any business become an unexpected companion/partner? 

 We enjoy a wonderful partnership with Local Heritage Bank which has been instrumental in helping us get our business off the ground. We have made connections with the Lane County Dental Society, Local health offices such as Well Balanced, Some providers from Oregon Medical Group, and multiple dental offices in the area and have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with them referring patients to to each other.

How has your collaboration with the Chamber impacted your business?

 As we grow and develop in this community we hope to encounter more partnerships to expand our network and connect with like-minded professionals and businesses

How can the business community support or engage with you?

The business community can engage with us by considering collaborative health initiatives and wellness programs, referring clients in need of dental services, and including us in community health fairs and events. We are open to exploring partnerships that align with our mission of providing high-quality dental care and are eager to contribute to the overall well-being and health education of our community.

Published On: November 8, 2023
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