Q&Q With Rocco’s Remedies

article by Kari Rocco | Family Nurse Practitioner, and owner of Rocco’s Remedy

How long have you been in business and what drives you to serve our community?
I am driven by a world where people are living their best lives by thriving physically and emotionally. Within Eugene’s community, I am endlessly inspired by the dedication I see to wellness but also to each other. Which led me to open my own practice this year – in May! 

While I have been involved in functional medicine for many years.  The community here in Eugene is what gave me the courage to start my own business this year. I want people to feel their best so we can all serve each other and our community. The best gift you can give to others is to take care of yourself so you can give the best of yourself to everyone else.

Are there new programs or initiatives you are investing in or providing for our community? 

Yes, programs for emotional support like NAMI and Sparrow Club are critical for our youth and general community support. Our physical and emotional health are completely interwoven and groups that fill this gap in our healthcare system have my utmost respect and full-throated support.

I am also a huge advocate for shopping and living locally where I can directly see my neighborhood thriving through creativity, passion, and financial health. Some of my favorite local businesses are Park Street Cafe,  Whirled Pies, and SMNutrition along with purchasing the finest of Oregon-made products, whether it be soaps, beer, wine, artwork, ice cream, and other handmade goods.  My latest great find and who is a great advocate for the community is Will Leather Goods in Eugene.

 What is it about Eugene/Springfield that you enjoy the most or what do you enjoy most about what you do?  

Each day I am grateful to call this place my home. The greenery, the food, the pace of life, and the kindness of the people here are special. I love to go running in Alton Baker Park trails or down along the beautiful Oregon coast. There is so much to be grateful for here!  Great people, outdoors, hiking, entertainment, the activities seem endless!

Has any business become an unexpected companion/partner? 

Or tell us about some of the partnerships or success stories you may have with area businesses.  Businesses such as Whirled Pies, SM Nutrition, Park Street Café, and Alora have been excellent collaborators in sharing the message that a healthier and more fulfilled life is possible. I look forward to more partnerships in the future. The more unexpected a partnership, the better!  

How has your collaboration with the Chamber impacted your business?   

The Chamber has been my most valued collaborator as a hub of creativity and connection. I felt at ease as soon as I joined this dynamic group. They have provided support for networking and marketing and helped me get connected to the community in a more organic way, with so many talented and uplifting people. Eugene is lucky to have this dedicated bunch!

 How can the business community support or engage with you? 

If you are suffering from fatigue, weight gain, depression, sleep disorder, inflammation, brain fog, low libido, loss of muscle mass, feel your hormones are out of balance, or many other bothersome symptoms and you are not getting the help you need, please come to one of our free presentations to learn more about Rocco’s Remedy’s offerings.  This is a great way to take a proactive step in your wellness journey. Not only do we focus on hormone balancing and weight management for both men and women; We give personalized care for optimal wellness. We meet you where you’re at on your health journey

Another option is to book an appointment with us today! We start by providing you with your Functional Health Report so you can understand your body’s current state and make choices holistically. Through this, we find the core cause of your symptoms and then find a resolution individualized to you! 

Published On: September 11, 2023
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