Q&Q: Yellow Emperor

article by Sarah Vito | Director of Business Development, Yellow Emperor

What is Yellow Emperor? 

Yellow Emperor is a liquid contract manufacturer located off of West 11th in Eugene. We manufacture liquid products for brand owners, both local and international. Our clients have products in the food, dietary supplement, and personal care markets.  As such, we are regulated by the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for food and dietary supplements and regularly undergo 3rd Party audits to maintain our GMP and Organic certifications. 

How has the Eugene area been good for your business? 

The great thing about Eugene for our business is the area’s culture. Because we work with herbs and the people of Eugene are familiar with herbs and dietary supplements, we are able to find employees that have an interest in what we are doing. Their interest becomes a passion for the products that we make for our clients, which translates into our client’s satisfaction.   

How is your organization environmentally considerate? 

Yellow Emperor participates in the City of Eugene’s Love Food Not Waste commercial composting program and has done so since its inception. We produce tons of compostable waste in the form of used herbs. We also participate in EWEB’s Greenpower program, contributing to local sustainable energy and environmental projects in the community.  Additionally, Yellow Emperor is a certified Green Business through Certified Green Partners. We are also a benefit corporation, certified through Benefit Corporations for Good, and document our sustainability progress on our website.

What is your #1 top priority as an organization? 

Our top priority as an organization is to continue to grow within our industry. We do this through sales and through working with current clients to expand their line. We take quality and compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) very seriously, which is one of the many reasons why we have clients that have been working with us for decades, even as their companies have rebranded and pivoted their market focus. 

How has your collaboration with the Chamber impacted your business?

Especially during 2020, involvement with the Chamber of Commerce has been beneficial. After COVID-19 reached Eugene, we reached out to the Chamber of Commerce to find other members that were in need of sanitizer – something quick and easy for us to make in a snap. 

When the fires hit, there were some Yellow Emperor staff that were affected and the Chamber helped us put those folks in contact with resources that they could use, should they need them. The mental health webinar and resources were also helpful we shared them with our entire staff!

Published On: November 30, 2020
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