Eugene Airport to Host Diversity Outreach Event

article by Eugene Airport

The Eugene Airport is excited to bring the first ever Airport Rental Car and Concessionaire Supplier Diversity Outreach Event to Eugene. This is a one-day event dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity with the airport rental car and concessionair industry. One thing that makes this event so exciting and unique is that this is a national outreach event happening at the same time in participating airports all over the country.

When asked why this event is so important, the Eugene Airport responded by saying, “Eugene Airport must adhere to the DOT’s requirements for the DBE Program (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise). The DBE Program creates a level playing field on federally supported transportation contracts and ensures that all business enterprises have an equal opportunity. This program remedies ongoing discrimination and the continuing effects of past discrimination.”

“This event will assist us in fulfilling our obligations, achieving our objective of increasing DBE participation, and collaborating with our small, minority, and disadvantaged firms. This is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to grow and for Eugene Airport to work with our local businesses.”

Small businesses, minorities, women, and disadvantaged businesses will have the opportunity to connect with Airports and its partners to find out about contracting opportunities with car rental and other airport concessionaires. They will also have the opportunity to be included in the: 

  • City of Eugene’s vendor list
  • Airport’s vendor list
  • Rental cars vendor list and other concessionaire’s vendor list.

As an attendee you can look forward to meeting with airport & rental car decision makers to discuss current business and contracting opportunities from local small businesses and ACDBE firms.

There will be a representative from the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) to answer any questions, provide guidance, and/or offer technical assistance for businesses who want to know more about DBE/ACDBE certification, 

This is also an opportunity to work not just with Eugene Airport but with other airports in the state, because all commercial airports have the same requirements that they need to adhere to. For instance, there are numerous large rental car firms in airports across the nation. If you join the vendor list of one rental car company, you can conduct business at any of their other locations as well.

Published On: August 7, 2023
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