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article by Nick Alexander | Owner & Director of Nick Alexander Films

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How long has Nick Alexander Films been in the Eugene area? Where else does Nick Alexander Films operate?
Nick Alexander Films began operating in the Eugene area in 2020. We have primarily been creating promotional video content for PeaceHealth, but look forward to extend our services to many other Eugene based businesses this year! Nick Alexander Films operates in Oregon with offices in Medford and Klamath Falls where we serve hundreds of clients in the for profit and non-profit spaces.

Tell us a little about yourself – how does your company help tell other’s stories?
Nick Alexander Films (NAF) is my company that I started in 2016 after I graduated from university. I knew I wanted to tell stories through film, but was not quite sure how it would all happen. A lot of people discouraged me from filmmaking because it was inconsistent and unpredictable. I decided to take the risk and believe in what I was most passionate about — digital storytelling. The business started with just me, then my wife joined me, and later I invited a couple other guys to join the team as the film projects expanded in scope and quantity. The catalyst that enabled me to go from part-time to full-time was a documentary film that I directed in 2018 called Illegal. My small team was hired to tell a story about a man, Laz Ayala from El Salvador and his life or death journey to America. Note: I happened to also have majored in Spanish besides Cinema, so this was the perfect marriage of digital media and culture. We traveled to El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Southern California where Laz’s story took place. Later I edited the film and submitted it to film festivals where it won dozens of awards including best film at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The film was a huge success, and the notoriety and credibility  that I received because of that film, paved the way to telling stories like his as a full-time business. What’s more is that the idea of making a movie did not originate with Laz. I met him at a Rotary meeting where he shared his story of coming to America. I realized that his life could easily be transformed into a feature film, so I pitched the idea to him.

 Here’s links to rent and watch the movie:
Apple TV


So to answer the question how my company tells stories is simple — we connect with the person, the organization, or community on a human level. We work together on scripting and storytelling so that the narrative told is accurate and personalized. We use creative visual techniques to showcase their emotions and experiences in a unique way. Of course we utilize the right movie tools and toys to carry out any production, large or small, local or international. We like to call ourselves storytellers first, filmmakers second!

Why do you think storytelling is so important for business success?
Nowadays, everyone is online and consuming media through social media platforms. If you want to reach your target audience, you need to go where they are hanging out, which is online. And in order to get their attention, video is the most engaging and effective way to inspire and make an impact on your viewers. Whether you are selling a product, a service or promoting a cause, video is the number one marketing tool that every business and organization should be tapping into. Ideally, they should work with professionals who know their craft and can carry out their vision and exceed expectations. Nick Alexander Films would love to partner with anyone and everyone looking to elevate their business through video. Just send us an email (nick@nickalexanderfilms.com) and we would be honored to schedule a discovery call to determine how we can best support your business!

What does the future hold for Nick Alexander Films?
NAF is growing! Seven years later, we have two offices with a third on the way in Eugene. It’s exciting to film for over a hundred Oregon businesses and support them in their own marketing campaigns. In the future we would like to continue creating commercial videos for businesses but also concentrate on producing narrative films

Published On: May 24, 2023
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