Rise Above the Fog

article by Samantha Roberts | Director of Marketing and Communications, Eugene Chamber of Commerce

Whether you’re leading a company, a team, or a project, management can be one of the most challenging adventures out there. We have all come up against the vision we have for strong intra-team connections, clear objectives, and a clear path forward, versus the reality in front of us and wondered – how do I get there?

Every now and then, even the most experienced leader needs a break to get above the fog of it all and view the horizon. 

It’s why we are so excited to offer our community leaders the first ever Leadership Summit, in partnership with Onward Eugene. Get above the noise and RISE to your potential at this management training bootcamp. Unlike other inspirationally-focused leadership workshops, you will walk away from this training with actionable tools, new skills, and a wider network of peers that will help you name and build the success your team needs. Not only joy, but success, comes when successful businesses are led by excellent leaders.

At the Leadership Summit, we will hear from GiANT Partners Amy Norton and Andrew Robinson, as they share what it means to gain new altitude as a leader, both individually and as a team. Joined by GiANT breakout facilitators John Santin and Daniel Allen, this leadership training team will get into the nitty gritty detail of what it means to: 

Discover Your Leadership Voice

Everyone has a leadership voice all their own. What’s yours? Focusing on GiANT’s 5 Voices, this breakout session will help you determine not only what your voice is, but how loudly you speak it and, importantly, how hard it can be to hear others’. Knowing your leadership voice, communication style, and strengths and challenges, improves relationships, and in turn, performance.

Maximizing Influence

It’s a no-brainer that when a business has strong leaders at the helm, it’s more likely to succeed. But what makes a strong leader? At this breakout session, learn what it means to build influence in other’s lives, the importance of meaningful and long term relationships, and how to better leverage the power of influence in all of your relationships at work and beyond. Gain insights on how you may compromise your influence without even knowing it—and what you can do about it!

Becoming Present & Productive

Do you struggle with team or personal productivity and balance? Is the pile just too high to see a clear path forward? At this break out session, learn how to use the 5 Gears and become present and productive in a world where there is never enough time. Understand how to shift into the right gear at the right time, to truly connect with others around you.

Join us as we RISE above and take your team, project, and company to new heights.

For the full-day agenda and registration, click below.

Published On: March 14, 2023
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