Talk the Talk: Greeting Visitors from Afar

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Avant Assessment, a Eugene-based language proficiency testing company and the Global Seal of Biliteracy have teamed up to create a free program to meet the language needs of visitors from around the world coming to Eugene the Oregon 22 World Track and Field Championships and the Eugene Riverfront Festival. 

The program, called the Global Seal Experience, is looking for Global Guides to Volunteer their language skills and help welcome visitors for their entire Eugene experience. The Guides will support visitors from the time they land at the Eugene Airport, to their hotel and dining experience, visits around town, and events like the Riverfront Festival that runs from July 15th to the 24th. Visitors will be able to access the Global Guides through a smartphone app and in-person at the Eugene Airport and the Riverfront. Avant Assessment is a leader in the online language testing industry, assesses the language fluency of students and adults in over 40 languages. Founded in Eugene in 2001 as a spin out of the University of Oregon, Avant Assessment has employees across the globe, with about one-third based in Eugene.

Partnering with Avant, is the Global Seal of Biliteracy, a Chicago-based organization that provides a free credential to anyone around the world with language proficiency in two or more languages, as demonstrated through a range of qualifying tests. 

Avant Assessment will provide free Avant STAMP language testing for up to 1,000 local residents with language skills so that they can earn a Global Seal of Biliteracy. Volunteers can sign up to take STAMP at Avant’s downtown headquarters or at home by using Avant’s online testing and proctoring system.  Those that earn the Global Seal credential will become volunteers who can assist visitors in the visitor’s language through both voice and text chat on the mobile app. 

Here is a link where you can get more information and sign up to volunteer:

The Global Seal Experience will include links to other resources such as local restaurants and shops, recreational opportunities, community resources, events, and maps. Even after the end of OR22 the Global Seal Experience plans to continue to serve as an ongoing resource to welcome the world to Eugene with open arms. As part of its ongoing role the Global Seal Experience can provide any community members with language skills the ability to earn a language credential that can support their own educational and employment opportunities and enable them to serve their community and its visitors. 

Visit the Global Seal Experience Website and Sign Up Now:

Published On: July 5, 2022
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