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Q&Q With Thermo Fisher Scientific

December 13, 2023|Community|

With the growing role of biotechnology in not only the global market, but Lane County’s as well, Eugene and our surrounding communities are positioned well to prosper into the future. Below we learn from locally-based Thermo Fisher Scientific about their mission, global efforts, and the role innovation plays in advancing bioscience.

Q&Q With Amazon Creek Dental

November 8, 2023|Community|

Amazon Creek Dental has been in business in Eugene since December 13, 2022. Dr. Costa has a remarkable drive and compassion to provide people with the best dental care possible. Oral Health has a huge impact on the overall health of a community. Providing high-quality dental care we are honored to not only improve overall health but help raise the quality of life of the community.

Q&Q With Oak Hill School

November 6, 2023|Community|

Oak Hill School has been proudly serving the Eugene community for nearly 30 years. Our dedication to education and nurturing young minds is what drives us. We are committed to providing an exceptional learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a strong sense of community, helping our students thrive academically and personally.

Hunter Communications Committed to Keeping Kids Safe Online

November 6, 2023|Community|

In our digital age, the safety of our families is more important than it’s ever been. As parents, we find ourselves at a crossroads, striving to grant our kids online independence while safeguarding their well-being. It's a concern we all share, and although we at Hunter Communications have always been committed to kids’ safety online, we knew that there was still more we could do.

Q&Q With Community Supported Shelters

October 9, 2023|Community|

Community Supported Shelters (CSS) has operated alternative shelters for the unhoused in Eugene for just over a decade. Creating intentional communities is our focus. When individuals have a network of support, they are more likely to move from just surviving to thriving. CSS is one solution to the homeless crisis and we look forward to working with other shelters, businesses, and our government officials to develop realistic solutions to support those in crisis.

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